Home Visits

From September 2020, Freeland Pre-school will be introducing home visits for new children starting at pre-school. This will be a 10-minute visit to the new family’s house in the first week of term.

The child’s key person and the manager, Jess, will attend the visit. During this visit, the manager will chat with the parents and ask a few questions, whilst the key person will play with the child and begin forming a bond with them.

Why are Home Visits important?

Home Visits help to form the relationship between parents, practitioners and children, and begins the process of sharing information. It also gives parents an opportunity to speak confidentially about their child’s needs and development. Children often remember and talk about a home visit long after the event; it is a special occasion in their lives and enhances the practitioner–child relationship. Children and parents are more relaxed in their home environment.

Before the home visit, your child will be given a balloon to be placed outside your door. The balloon will make it a fun event for your child and also helps us to find your house.

Please note that home visits are currently suspended.