Ways to get involved

At Freeland Pre-school we really value parental involvement and welcome any chance for parents to come into the setting.  Some examples of this are our Reader and Cooking terms which are held on alternate terms and are a lovely way for parents to come in and interact with the children whilst doing an activity.

We also welcome Grandparents, or other carers, into the setting as well.  Another great way is sharing your profession with the children and bringing along equipment you may use. At the end of each term we hold an event where all parents/carers are invited to come along and join us.

We will advertise the dates we will be doing these activities in advance and if you would like to join in please let any member of staff know.


Another way that parents can become involved is by using ‘Tapestry’ to add details about activities the children have done or learnt at home. Your child’s Key Person will also add photos and observations taken at pre-school for you to continue the learning at home. It is so important that we work in partnership to support your child’s learning both at home and pre-school.


Cooking Term

This is a simple cooking activity that’s fun for the children and is parent led, although the staff will be on hand to help with the children.

You can use the oven in the kitchen and there is equipment available to use, however if you want to make sure you have everything you need then please bring it from home. You will also need to bring in the ingredients to make what you are cooking. You can reclaim the money, however please remember we are a charity.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, some examples of cooking you can do are:

  • Decorating pre-made (or bought!) biscuits or cakes
  • Make a fruit salad – letting the children cut up soft fruit like bananas with a knife
  • Make a pizza
  • Make a sandwich

Please also make sure to check beforehand how many children will be in the session so you don’t end up with too much or too little.



Reading Term

We read a story to the children at the end of every session, this is at 12:00 pm or 3:00 pm. During parent reading term, we welcome you to come in and read to the children at either of these times instead of the staff. The children really like seeing a new face and your child will love showing off their mummy or daddy (or grandparent).

You can bring in a much-loved book from home or use one of our books in the pre-school.

The children will all be sitting in a semi-circle around you and you will read the story from a chair. This usually only takes 5 minutes and you can then leave with your child if it’s the end of their session.