What do parents and carers say about Freeland Pre-school?

“We are so pleased with the pre-school, his key-person is brilliant and supportive.The manager is approachable and helpful. He is happy at pre-school, loves learning and exploring in a safe and happy setting.”



“We have a very happy and settled little boy, all thanks to the staff. He is thriving in the raising 5’s sessions and excited to tell us what he has learnt. Thank you team.”



“You all are really absolutely brilliant and fabulous and that is shown in how happy Beau is to arrive and get on with it all and he feels comfortable to waltz in and get playing. So I thank you all for taking such great care of him.”


“We are pleased to have the pre-school in our village that provides a very high standard of early years care and education. Thank you everyone for doing such a great job.”


“From my first look around this pre-school I knew I had found somewhere incredibly special for my girls to start their schooling. The staff, the setting, the garden, the fun and varied activities and the close link with the Foundation stage classroom next door- it really is the perfect pre-school. I am going to be very sad to not have a child there come September.”


“Freeland Pre-school has provided a fantastic nurturing, loving and safe place for our pre- schooler. The team have an amazing ability to encourage development in a tailored way for each little person ensuring they are prepared for school with strong skills in communication, compassion, mathematics, writing and language. Exactly what our little man needed to find his best. Can’t recommend this setting and team highly enough.”


“Freeland Pre-school is amazing, my son is really happy there and is actually disappointed when he isn’t going. The staff are friendly and nurturing and the environment is great.”


“Freeland Pre-school is a fantastic setting. The children are always happy, well cared for and engaged in their play. The staff are very attentive and support the children in achieving their next steps.”


“What a pre-school! The staff’s hard work and dedication is second to none. The activities and learning opportunities are incredibly well pitched and the caring environment really brings out the best in children. I don’t want my youngest to leave!


“A fantastic pre-school! The setting is great and the activities available to the children are fantastic. The thing that makes this pre-school really stand out to me are the lovely staff who are so kind and patient with the children and make them feel very secure and welcome.


“My eldest two had a fab time at Freeland Pre-school, and my youngest is still there now. The setting is very lovely, with a nice garden to play in. The staff are great and friendly!”


“Both my children have gone to Freeland Pre-school and thrived. It’s a small pre-school with amazingly caring staff that make sure your children are well looked after but are also prepared for primary school!”