We open our doors at 8.45am for the Early bird session. The children are greeted by the staff and invited to explore a range of carefully planned activities set up in the indoor classroom.

9.15 am – The morning session starts with a brief group planning and welcome session. The children are then free to explore the activities inside the classroom or in the outdoor area (free-flow play).

10.15 am – The children sit for morning snack.

10.30 am – The children return to free-flow play. One group of children will take part in a small group activity with their Keyperson.

11.45 am – End of session circle time which includes counting, wow slips, star names, children’s evaluation of the session, story and finally song-time.

12.15 pm – End of morning session and hand-over for afternoon session. Children to choose a book to explore independently.

12.20 pm – Lunch

12.45 pm – Free-flow play and small group activity to mirror the morning session.

2.30 pm – Afternoon snack.

2.45 pm – End of session circle time.

3.15 pm – Close of afternoon session.


Early Bird – 8.45-9.15 am

Morning – 9.15-12.15 pm

Afternoon – 12.15 pm-3.15 pm