• A complete set of spare clothes including: top, trousers/skirt/dress, pants, socks/tights. This can be left at pre-school in a bag on their peg if it is more convenient for you to do so,(no drawstring or plastic bags please). If your child is toilet training or recently dry, several sets of clothes might be needed, and a change of footwear would be useful in case their’s get wet (slippers, crocs, sandals etc).

• Welly boots that can be left at pre-school
• A coat (we go outside every session whatever the weather)
• A sun hat in the summer, and gloves/mittens in the winter.
• Waterproof trousers are really useful to keep your child’s clothes cleaner as the garden does get very mucky.
• A drinks bottle
• A healthy snack for the morning.
• A lunch box/bag if they are staying all day or starting in the afternoon.
• Nappies and wipes if your child still uses these.
Can you please ensure that everything is name labelled as young children don’t always recognise their own things and it can take lots of time trying to find out what belongs to which child, thank you.