Outdoor Explorers at Freeland Pre-school

029Outdoor Explorers is based on the Forest School ethos to embrace the outdoors as a stimulating learning environment focused on your child’s learning needs and interests rather than particular learning outcomes. Your children will explore and experience the natural world on a regular and continued basis during our Outdoor Explorer sessions which are offered throughout the term. These sessions aim to offer a unique way of building self-esteem and confidence in addition to learning new life skills and promoting independence, through hands on learning experiences.

Outdoor Explorer sessions usually involve a short walk to Broadmarsh Woods at the end of Parklands to visit a regular ‘camp’ in the woods. However, we aim to include a range of outdoor learning environments which may include local walks in the village, to the playpark or to enjoy the Freeland Primary School field.

We have staff who are highly experienced in delivering outdoor learning experiences. All staff are first aid trained and activities are planned in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

All activities are fully risk assessed.


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Outdoor Explorers Clothing

So that children can relax and enjoy their Outdoor Explorer sessions they need practical comfortable clothes suitable for the conditions. These items should be left at, or sent into, every pre-school session so they are available whenever the Outdoor Explorer session takes place during the week. Waterproof trousers, coats and wellington boots are essential items all year round. Below are some clothing guidelines for parents and carers.

In summer
• Long trousers and long sleeved t-shirt; this is important to prevent bites or stings and to protect children from ticks
• Waterproof trousers and coat
• Wellington boots with suitable socks
• Light fleece or long sleeved layer for cooler days
• Sun hat and sun cream
• Named change of clothing in a named rucksack to be left at the setting

In autumn, winter & spring
• Layered warm clothing
• Long trousers and long sleeved top as a base layer
• Waterproof trousers
• A warm and waterproof coat
• Wellington boots with extra thick socks
• Extra thick hats and gloves
• Named change of clothing in a named rucksack to be left at the setting

Soiled clothes
• Soiled clothes will be dealt with sensitively and discretely and placed in a plastic bag inside the children’s rucksack

Outdoor Explorers Inclement Weather Procedure

‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes


The weather and the seasons provide a rich variety of play experiences so Outdoor Explorers will take place in most weather conditions.

• We always check the weather prior to a session visit
• Outdoor Explorers will not take place in extreme weather conditions where it is deemed too cold, wet, windy or hot for the children to feel comfortable and safely enjoy themselves
• Outdoor Explorers will not take place in the woods in high winds due to potential hazards in the woodland (airborne material such as twigs or branches)
• If weather conditions should deteriorate whilst in the woodland we will return to school immediately by the quickest route
• All children are dressed appropriately for the conditions